Luv Kush

Rooted deep down in our mythological scripts and recognised for his bravery and power, Lord Ram known as Purshotam (the perfect man) was most feared by opposition. Who would dare to stand in the way of the Lord Ram’s army? The story track of COLORS’ Ram Siya ke Luv Kush is about to begin with one of mythologies most talked about fights, the Ashwamedha Yagna.

Unknown to Luv and Kush, the boys who stopped Lord Ram’s sacred white horse, Ashwamedha were warned about the consequences but refused to pay heed. Thus the battle lines were drawn and the ultimate fight began. Showcasing ultimate power, strength and fierce battleship, the storyline of the show will soon witness this epic battle with the best visuals to take the viewers go back in time.

Training the young boys Harshit Kabra who plays Luv and Krish Chauhan who essays the role of Kush in archery, the young actors now perform their own stunts as well as make use of their master training.

Krish Chauhan who essays the role of Krish, says, “ This has been the most memorable shoot of mine till date, Being able to relive the story that I’ve only heard from my grandparents has made me a great believer of our mythology. Luv & Kush were known for their ability to fight fearlessly and to showcase that on screen has been my biggest challenge but my best learning.”