Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Actress Helly Shah in an exclusive conversation with us talks to us about her upcoming show Ishq Mein Marjawan, her character in the show, how she’s keeping herself busy amidst self Quarantine, entering into the digital space and much more…

ctress Helly Shah in an exclusive conversation with us talks to us about her upcoming show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, her character in the show, how she’s keeping herself busy amidst self Quarantine, entering into the digital space and much more…

1- You’re currently in news for your upcoming show, Ishq Mein Marjawan. But due to the unfortunate virus outbreak, it’s been postponed. Your thoughts on this?

The virus outbreak is definitely very unfortunate, and talking about the shooting of Ishq Mein Marjawan, there was no point shooting just a few episodes and then airing it. Because if the situation wouldn’t have gotten better, it would have been hard to shoot. But I really do hope things go back to normal and we return to our usual work routines.

2- How is the second part of the hit show different from the first one? What’s new being added to the current one?

The genres of both the seasons are the same, but the cast, the story is completely different. I’ve watched a couple of episodes from the first season I thoroughly enjoyed them as the story was really strong.

3- Since you’re also practicing social distancing like every other citizen, how are you utilizing your time at home?

There are days when I’m really productive and doing a lot of things at home, and then there are days when I’m completely lazy- when I just want to lay in my bed all day and chill. But I’m actually utilizing this time by catching up on web series, which I don’t usually get to when I’m shooting. I’m actually completing around 25 episodes; I know it’s too much but that’s what I’m doing. I’m also following a great skincare routine. The first couple of days, I’ve decluttered my drawers, because my wardrobe is already always clean! It’s terrifically clean! I do wish to clean up my shoe and my purse closet though! I’m also spending a lot of time speaking to my friends which I used to not get to do with my usual shooting routine. And also that I know that everyone’s staying indoors, and do have the time to spare to catch up for a chit-chat!

4- What safety steps are you following to stay safe from the virus. What’s the best safety advice you can give to other citizens?

The first thing that we should all do as responsible citizens is to stay at home! Social distancing is the need of the hour! And also don’t forget to wash your hands, and keep yourself and your surroundings hygienic. And also for all the shopaholics, I know that online shopping seems irresistible during times like these, but please don’t do that! It’s definitely not safe! So whether it’s clothes or groceries, refrain from online shopping. Because general stores and medical stores are open, so you could get your basic necessities from there. I’m also not letting anyone home! laughs So, it’s better to take all these precautions so you don’t have to regret later.

5- What foods or food habits are you changing from your regular routine to lead a healthier and virus-free life?

I’ve always eaten clean from the beginning, so there are no major changes as such in my diet. But I’m ensuring that my drinking water is boiled beforehand because that kills germs. I also occasionally drink ‘Haldi-doodh’, or one can also have turmeric mixed with hot water. This is great to boost one’s immune system. I also find it funny how so much of how we feel depends on our psychology. We are bombarded with information and news about Coronavirus everywhere that we end up feeling like we might have it too! Because that totally happens to me!

6- Would you like to venture into the web series world? Why?

Yes, I’d absolutely love to do that! I really like how an actor who’s acting in a web series has a bound script, and how many episodes they’re shooting for. That’s a great thing because when an actor is doing daily soap, the ratings have the number of episodes fluctuating. That’s totally okay but I like how the web series are shot, edited, and then aired all together at once! I’d absolutely love to venture into the web series world, and take up some great projects there!

7- What genre of work projects would you be interested in doing in the future? (Whether thriller/horror/comedy, etc)

I am comfortable doing all kinds of genres except mythology and supernatural! I think it’s these genres I can’t do very convincingly. But later in the future, I might want to venture into this genre as well, but it’s a no for now.

8- What according to you is the best part about being an actor?

I love how as an actor, one gets to experience so many lives, and portray so many characters, and even understand their emotions. I absolutely enjoy this. I also love how as an actor I have the power to execute the character as it is from the script to the screen.

9- Apart from Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, do you have other work projects in the pipeline?

For now, I’m only focusing on my show Ishq Mein Marjawan.