Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein

In the show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein, Yogi and Gunjan are heading towards starting their beautiful life with their love cum arranged marriage. But Shiv (Gunjan’s father) who is almost on the edge, meets that man in his office and makes a deal. He is willing to get the govt job for his son but in return for his son’s hand in marriage!

Pari (a paying guest at Yogi’s house) by now has started loving the family, and in spite of Neha pointing it out to her, she says, kya karu yaar, aisa family kabhi dekha hi nahin zindagi mein!

On the other side, Prakash who is an angry father will reveal his soft corner. In a moment with his son, his eyes well up as he puts the sehra on his head. “Koi baap ko nahin poochta, sirf uska gussa hi dekhta hai, but from the day you were born and I held you in my arms, the moment the nurse told me the truth, to this day…only I know what I felt and wanted for you my son. No father can be happier than I am today, no father.” Here we see Shiv appearing at the doorway, to the surprise of everyone, and he speaks out that the wedding is called off. In such a case Will Yogi and Gunjan get along as happily ever after