Beyhadh 2

Jennifer Winget will be back once again as Maya in the second edition of the show, Beyhadh 2 where she’ll star opposite Ashish Chaudhary and Shivin Narang. Before her show hits the tube, we caught hold of her and indulged in a conversation. Read on..

What made you come back?

There was no question in my head if I was ever offered that I would not do this because I like everything about her. I like the craziness about her, I like how she is different from the regular work that is happening on TV. It gives me an opportunity to do something that has never been done before and as an actor this character really pushes me to my limit to do something that even I thought would not be possible. It’s exciting and everything and the love is amazing.

Which color will be representative of Beyhadh this season?

So last season was white, this season it is all black. This season is going to be much more darker and it’s all black, I’m so excited that from white we’ve gone to black.

Tell us about the new cast

We haven’t really started shooting yet but Ashish is a very good friend of mine and I’m very happy working with him. I think he really fits the part and I’m sure he’ll do an exceptional job. I haven’t worked with Shivin but I’ve met him a couple of times at readings and he seems like a very honest and dedicated actor so I’m looking forward to working with him.

Who are you gonna miss from the cast of the previous season?

I’m gonna miss them all, I’m going to miss Kavita, Aneri, Kushal and Swati ji and all of them. It’s gonna be a little weird on the first day of the shoot because everything is going to be the same but the cast is different. But I’m also looking forward to this new season and I’m also very grateful for the last season.