Indian Idol 2019

Bollywood composer Anu Malik who was back on Sony TV’s Indian Idol 2019 will not be part of the show anymore.

Last season, Anu Malik was removed from the television reality show Indian Idol as judge. It came after multiple sexual harassment allegations were leveled against him as part of the ‘Me Too’ India. But he was back as judge this season with Vishal (Dadlani) and Neha (Kakkar).

Anu Malik has been on the jury panel since the show’s inception in 2014.

Singer and composer Sona Mohapatra became one of the first voices to speak out against him and since then there has been lot of objection about his comeback as judge.

Even Smriti Irani (Union Women and Child Development Minister) issued a statement that “Through the database, all the sexual offender can be found across the country so that institutions such as schools, college or university can do background check while hiring.”

In response to it, Sona Mahapatra posted on social media saying, ” Dear Smriti Irani’ji, I sincerely thank you for this initiative of databasing sexual offenders in India but what about organizations who hire them despite this. Case in point, @sonytvofficial ignoring the testimonies of multiple women against one, Anu Malik & making him a judge for youngsters on National TV for Indian Idol. Do so many voices telling a common story of sexual harassment & assault not matter? Shouldn’t Sony TV be held responsible in some way? Our culture celebrates the victory of good over evil in every festival, Durga Puja, Maheshaswara Mardini, Ram & Ravan in Dussehra, Bhakt Prahlad & Holika in Holi & innumerable other such legends. It sends a symbolic message to society & fills us with positive energy & hope. I understand that change has to be driven at the grassroots level in a systemic manner Ma’am, yet this ‘normalisation’ of sexual assault by platforming, enabling & celebrating a serial sexual offender like Anu Malik sends out a very dangerous message to the country & the perverts that lurk within our society. That they have a free pass, can get away similarly & just because no one has recorded their misdemeanours. I’d request you to please look into this gross violation of children’s ‘& women’s voices & dignity.”

Well, we may have miles to go but here’s to small victories.